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Consulting Services

Consultations are currently held on ZOOM.

In-person consults can be arranged by appointment. 

Services are purchased in packages of three or more visits.

Consultations for Chronic Conditions

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Initial Contact Information Chat

(No Charge) 

20-30 minutes

If you have questions,

or would like to become a client,

start here.


Get your questions about homeopathy and our practice, answered!  

For us, the purpose of the chat is to find out if we can be helpful to you.  Homeopathy cannot fix all conditions, and we prefer not to charge you to find out. 

Initial Chronic Consultation

2-3 hours 


This is an intake consultation for chronic cases.
Chronic conditions are any illnesses lasting more than three months and which are not improving on their own. They can also be recurring illnesses of the same type, which come and go, but which are steady or increasing in severity.

Follow-up Chronic Consultation

1 hour

After the initial consult, clients typically meet with the homeopath every 5 - 6 weeks, to evaluate the medicine's effectiveness and to make changes as needed. 

Acute Consultations

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On Hours Acute Consultation:

For pre-existing clients. 

On Call:  15 - 30 Minutes


On Call Hours:

M - F, Noon - 1PM

After Hours Acute Consultation:

For pre-existing clients. 


Nights,  Weekends, & After Hours

(as available)

15 - 30 Minutes

Homeopathy for Animals: 

Yes, homeopathy works on animals & plants too!


Get in touch for more information.

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