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I've known Dave for nearly two decades and watched him transform from a skeptic of homeopathy due to a family background in traditional western medicine and his own science background into a well-educated classical homeopath whose initial interest in the practice was driven by his desire to understand the science behind homeopathy. In addition to top-notch training as a classical homeopath, Dave brings to his practice the art of hearing, interpretation, compassion, and a sincere desire to serve his clients well-being. I believe in decades to come that his name will be among the top of recognized and highly regarded classical homeopaths.


I've made use of Dave's skills in treating my children when issues arose that were out of my scope as a mother using homeopathy for basic acute issues with the help of a few good books. His ability to see the total picture and offer the best remedy choice, and to monitor progress and change direction when indicated has resulted in a path of profound healing for each of my children. 


In addition to treating my children, Dave assisted me in treating my very old and dying dog, resulting in more quality time together and then a clear picture for me to determine when it was time for him to pass gently and peacefully.


I am forever grateful for Dave's compassion and skills as a classical homeopath.

-Susan Higgins
Traverse City, Michigan
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