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15 years ago I was certain that homeopathy was nothing but quackery and nonsense. Then a very sick friend, who was equally skeptical, had a consult with a homeopath and took a homeopathic medicine.


Overnight, to my utter disbelief, this friend had a dramatic turnaround from a chronic illness.


And that healing persisted. 


Based on everything I thought knew about science and medicine -- homeopathy should have done nothing. 

After all, it was just a sugar pill.  

Instead, I saw this person's health and life turn around. 

They did not believe in it. I did not believe in it, but we both could see major changes happening.

And this made no sense at all.   

So I began to ask questions. One question led to another, and eventually the answers led me to become a homeopath.  


Despite what you may have been told or read, homeopathy is effective medicine.  Not a little effective, not placebo effect, real medicine that can heal people's lives


While working as a college professor, I began to study at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. Later, I studied at the Academy of Homeopathy Education in Philadelphia, completing my Practitioner's Certificate in June, 2019, and receiving my CCH in May of 2020

Most recently in May, 2021, I completed a four week empowerment course with The Ayahuasca Foundation in Mishana, Peru, which provides a foundational introduction to indigenous (Shipibo Tribe) medicinal practices. Although not homeopathy, I engaged in this course of study to study the differences and similarities in the two practices in order to understand homeopathy more deeply.  

For over 25 years prior to becoming a homeopath, I was a freelance science and technology writer and a teacher and professor of writing, English and mathematics. I have advanced degrees and study in philosophy, English literature, and creative writing. I live in Rochester with my family and a lot of pets, who are also family. 


As of this writing, (11/2023) I am the only Certified Classical Homeopath in Monroe County, New York.  

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