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About Blackbird Homeopathy

-- a long term health resource for families and individuals

Our practice is based on five principles:

        1. Partnership

        2. Reliability & Support

        3. Commitment

        4. Transparency

        5. Learning


A homeopath is a partner dedicated to the client's health. The homeopath is not the boss, but a health consultant who works for you. Just as homeopathic medicines spur your body to heal itself, the homeopathic partnership exists to support you in becoming your best and healthiest self.  Based on your health goals, we will work together to move you and your family to a state of health. 

Reliability & Support

Homeopathy is rarely a quick fix for chronic health issues. For deep and complex illnesses we often work with individuals and families for months or even years, in order to bring about a gradual, steady, and gentle healing. If it takes a person years to  become sick, how long should a cure take?  It happens, but not often. Some illnesses are inter-generational!  We work to take downward trends in health and point them upwards. You can rely on us to be there and support you in the long term. 


The foundation of any partnership is a commitment by both parties. The homeopathic client brings a commitment to seeking health for themselves and their families; the homeopath brings a commitment to support the client through the homeopathy, and to be a reliable support for the client in times of need. Sadly this is something sorely missing from many settings in conventional medicine.

At Blackbird, we are dedicated to supporting our clients over the long haul, over however long their own path to health may be.  Sometimes that path is brief, but when it's not, we will be here to lend an ear and give information and support. 


The best clients are the best informed clients. We are committed working with transparency, which means that we share our thinking about our work as we do it. We will tell you why and the how. Transparency also means that there are no dumb questions, and you have a right to answers. Any question or concern that a client may have is important to us.


Chronic health issues are best handled by homeopaths, and that is the bulk of this practice, but clients also experience acute conditions, many of which can be responded to at home by a client with an appropriate homeopathic medicine kit. We have weekday On Call hours for people needing acute care, and after hours support is available most times at an additional cost.  We encourage clients to learn about acute prescribing and periodically offer classes and materials through this website. 

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