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a path
 to health for families 

Imagine a form of medicine that sees the whole person and whole families instead of a disconnected collection of parts.

Imagine a medicine  that does more than relieve symptoms,

that seeks cure.

Imagine a medicine that addresses root causes of illness.

Imagine safe medicines,

without side effects.

Imagine a form of medicine that welcomes your feelings and spirituality.

Imagine a form of medicine that begins

by listening to what you have to say.  

This form of medicine is Classical Homeopathy.

It was created in the West, by a physician who was

deeply disappointed by the medicine of his day,

a doctor who felt

 the patient's health was the first and only priority.

The form of medicine he created is individualized, holistic, natural, safe, inexpensive, sustainable and has no side effects. Worldwide, this medicine treats hundreds of millions of people each year.

It's been around for 225 years. 

This is  Classical Homeopathy.  

Woman walking out to balcony.

"Dave is so gentle, patient, and kind with children."

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