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Political Advocacy for Homeopathy

Americans for Homeopathy Choice is the first homeopathic organization in many decades dedicated to advocating for homeopathic medicine to state and federal legislatures and regulatory bodies (FDA) in the US. They work hard educating legislators and regulators aware of what homeopathy is and how many American's use and care about it. I love what they do, and I've supported them on a number of occasions.

No matter how you view the reasons for it, homeopathy is pretty much under constant threat. A huge part of that threat is caused by ignorance. A lot of the public and government has no idea what homeopathic medicines are, how homeopathy works, and what homeopaths do, and into that gap flows a constant river of misinformation. Organizations like AFHC provide a representative voice to people in this country who make choices about access to alternative medicine in this country, and that is an indispensable service.

There is a new Congress about to be seated, and AFHC is on the ball, asking folks to send notes to their Congresspeople. It's good; it's important; do it.

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