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A Solution to Learning Organ Affinities

SO, there are 10,000 homeopathic medicines. It's a lot. Of those 10K there are probably 3-500 in regular use, most with really full provings and clinical information. It's still a lot.

One super important aspect to get right when learning materia medica are what are called "affinities" or "organ affinities." These are areas of the body that specific remedies tend to or predominantly affect. When the homeopath is analyzing a case and looking at medicines, the affinities have to be a decent match. You won't give a remedy for a throat complaint that presents no symptoms in that region of the body. The primary "go - to" reference in our literature for these has been Boger's Synoptic Key, but although a good reference, it's not really a study aid.

When you are learning materia medica, keeping track of these organ affinities, is frankly, miserable -- at least I found it to be so. But one homeopath, who is also an extremely talented illustrator, Kristen Bruges has created a GORGEOUS, book which neatly summarizes a lot of these affinities in beautifully drawn and lettered illustrations. Shown this way, the information is presented organ-to-remedies, rather than remedy-to-organs.

So elegant.

I can't wait for this to come out. I will geek over all of the new personal discoveries I see in it, and look it all up in my references, and it will make me a better, more effective homeopath.

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