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Women in Homeopathy

Dr. Clemence Sophia Harned Lozier, founded of a homeopathic medical school for women in 1863.

Women have been the driving force in homeopathy throughout it's history in the United States. The vast majority of homeopaths in the field are women. I don't know the statistics, but based on my time in two schools, and looking at lists of practitioners, I would guess that the number is less than 5%, perhaps as low as 2%.

Why is that? It was not the case during the 19th and early 20th Centuries, but all professions were male dominated then. But even so, many of the early woman physicians and physician women of color in the US, were homeopaths.

These days, I believe that women are drawn to the profession because they see the effects and side effects of conventional medicine on their kids, and often the lack of credibility and compassion offered to them by the medical establishment. A mother sees her kid get sick from a medicine or medical procedure and doctors and nurses dismiss her concerns out of hand because it's not in the literature or the doctor's training. Plus doctors don't have time to do any more than look superficially at cases and either prescribe drugs or suggest the procedures in which they happen to be trained. Surgeons recommend surgeries, et cetera.

This is how people find their way to homeopathy. Even today in our culture men are generally listened to more than women, so it follows that men would be more comfortable with the status quo of conventional medical care than women. A conventional doctor is more apt to listen to a male patient. In contrast Homeopathic treatment begins with holding space for the client and listening deeply, male or female.

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