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Ten, Very Simple, Acute, Homeopathic Remedies

by David M. Shein, CCH

Two weeks ago I had my first root canal at the dentist. Before I left, she asked me if I wanted a scrip for ibuprofen, and I said, "No, thank you," hoping that I had made the right decision.

As the novocane began to wear off, and starting to feel the pain from the surgery, I got back to my apartment and took a dry dose of 200C Hypericum.

Within two minutes, while I was reading I realized that my pain had subsided. About three hours later, when the pain began to creep up again, I repeated the dose. Five minutes after that, pain gone again, my eyes started to droop, and I fell asleep (an excellent response).

The next morning I woke up, felt some pain, and repeated the Hypericum dose. Same effect, the pain went away after about two minutes. It stayed away consistently for three hours at a time. When it came back I repeated, but not before. That day I also began taking Arnica 200C to speed up the healing process.

48hours after the procedure, I had no pain at all, and was able to use the tooth normally, so I stopped taking Hypericum. Typical post trauma peak swelling and pain is 48 to 72 hours.

As a homeopath working with chronic treatment of long-standing illness, it's easy to forget how dramatic acute applications of homeopathy can be. They are often really FAST, even happening in seconds.

Acute conditions are defined as "self-limiting," that is if the illness does not kill you, you will recover on your own without intervention. Chronic illness is not limited, and describes long term illness that is not getting better, meaning someone with chronic illness will not get better on their own.

Acutes can be complex, but a number of them can be simple. Here are ten remedies that have very specific acute applications for things like shock and trauma, insect stings, food poisoning, puncture wounds, splinters, vomiting and nausea and more.

A few words about acute homeopathic prescribing, if you are not sure what to give, don't sweat it, give your best guess. If the remedy is wrong, it will do NOTHING, and you can move on. If you can't see any effect, repeat once or twice over an hour or two and if it's still nothing, TRY ANOTHER REMEDY. It's okay. I once gave my can 12 different remedies over two days before I found one that worked.

Also, when you do get a remedy that is working, only repeat AS NEEDED, i.e. when the symptoms return or get worse.


  1. Aconite -- SHOCK (A) -- these can be for physical or emotional trauma. If the person's demeanor is a groggy, deer in the headlights appearance, with or without fearfulness, give Aconite, 30C or 200C depending on severity. This is a particularly good remedy if you suspect concussion.

  2. Arsenicum -- SHOCK (B) -- If the person's shock response is a panicky fearfulness for their life, like, "OMIGOD, I'm going to DIE! Don't leave me!" , or if their anxiety or panic is out of control, particularly about their health or dying, try Arsenicum 30C. A person needing Arsenicum for shock will absolutely refuse to be left alone. Aconite (above) can be very fearful too, but it will usually have some kind of spaciness or detachment with it.

  3. Apis -- STINGS -- For painful stings and stinging insects, or for severe reactions to insect bites, with local warmth, PAIN, swelling and possible itching around the wound. If the sting is above the collar-bone, and the person is sensitive to stings at all, GO TO THE E.R.! Give them Apis on the way. You can give this in 200C.

  4. Arnica -- CLOSED WOUNDS & BLUNT TRAUMA OF ALL KINDS -- For bruises, blunt trauma, or muscle strain. 30C & 200C potencies. Arnica generally speeds recovery from any strain or injury. For closed wounds only. Paradoxically, it can also be used pre & post operatively to speed healing. Arnica creme can also be used on closed sites only (not strictly homeopathic). An outstanding first aid remedy.

  5. Calendula -- OPEN WOUNDS -- This remedy can be applied two different ways. It can be applied topically in a 1/10 ratio, tincture to distilled water, and/or it can be taken orally in homeopathic potency for the same conditions. For cuts and open wounds, apply diluted calendula tincture. It is also a potent ANTIFUNGAL and can be used in a foot bath for athlete's foot. Taken orally in 30C potency Calendula helps speed healing of lacerations and prevent scarring, for burns as well.

  6. Carbo Vegetalis -- COLLAPSE, VOMITING, FOOD POISONING -- 30C potency. This remedy has two main acute uses. The first is for GI upset from either stomach flu or food poisoning. The second is as a remedy for collapse. If your kid suddenly collapses from unknown causes, give Carbo Veg on the way to the ER.

  7. Gelsemium -- ANTICIPATORY ANXIETY & STAGE FRIGHT -- 30C potency This remedy is amazing for stage fright or any anticipatory anxiety or panic.

  8. Hypericum -- NEUROLOGICAL OR TRAUMA PAIN -- 30C or 200C depending on severity. This remedy is for any injury where there is severe nerve pain or shooting pains, such as crushing wounds (car doors). It can relieve severe pain in seconds.

  9. Ledum -- PUNCTURE WOUNDS -- 30C potencyFor puncture wounds including, pinpricks, insects including mosquito & tick bites. For any piercing wound. This remedy heightens the localized immune response around the puncture site.

  10. Nux Vomica -- NAUSEA & VOMITING -- 30C potency. Nausea and Vomiting with or without diarrhoea. Can be sudden onset. Patient may also be irritable and angry, out of character for themselves. Motion sickness.


Silica -- SPLINTERS, SCARRING, EMBEDDED ITEMS IN SKIN -- As an acute remedy silica speeds healing of skin lacerations and prevents scarring. It also will cause materials that are imbedded in the skin, splinters, gravel, etc, to be expelled.

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