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(How do I find one?)

There just are not that many qualified homeopaths in the United States and Canada. Professional, unpublished, estimates of the number of full-time homeopaths, making their living with homeopathy in the USA, range from a low of about 160, to a high end estimate of less than 1000. If you break that down by state that's an average of 3.2 to 20 homeopaths per state.

Like I said, there are not a lot of us. In the past this has not been such a big deal because not that many people knew about homeopathy, so demand was relatively low. More recently in the last five years; however, a lot of people in North America have discovered homeopathy.

So you are a mom(or a dad, or parent), with a chronically sick kid, in a state with not a lot of homeopaths, and no one close-by, should you give up on homeopathy?

No! Don't! We want to help you! And we can!

Particularly during the last few years of COVID restrictions, but even for many years before that, homeopaths have been seeing people virtually. In fact homeopathy has been doing remote treatment of clients since its inception more than 225 years ago. One of the finest homeopaths of the 19th Century, Clemens Maria Von Boenninghausen was treated for terminal tuberculosis by a homeopath, via postal correspondence. He recovered, and soon afterwards became a collaborator to Samuel Hahnemann(the founder of Homeopathy) and created the first homeopathic repertory.

Given a choice, most homeopaths will say that they prefer to see people in person, but homeopathy has ALWAYS been very effective treating people at a distance, and with the advent of ZOOM and other streaming video-chat programs, the clinical difference between seeing someone IRL in person, and seeing that person live-online has diminished considerably.

If you do not have decent access to a broadband connection. A qualified homeopath can take your or your child's case by phone.

I got my own clinical training watching other homeopaths take live cases virtually, and the vast bulk of my practice has been seeing people online, and during COVID, I have even seen local folks almost entirely online. After three years of practice, I am only now setting up an office space where I can see clients in person. During COVID, there was no point. I'm doing this primarily because I want to expand the number of clients that I see locally -- I feel called to serve my community in my practice.

So, if you cannot find a homeopath near you, do not despair! You can find qualified homeopaths in the USA and Canada via professional organizations like the Council for Homeopathic Certification, The North American Society of Homeopaths, and the National Center for Homeopathy. If you are in Ontario Province or want a Canadian homeopath, you can search for one via The College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

If you want to know more about who is qualified to practice or the varieties of homeopathy (there are a lot!), please explore this website! There's lots of information here that you will not find elsewhere.

As always, you can also use the chat window to ask questions. Just be sure to leave your email address, so I can get back to you.

Good Luck!

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